Hello! Happy Saturday! It’s time again for another writing challenge here on the blog!

I was thinking to myself this week… there are a lot stories that can be told about a name! It’s very interesting when you stop to think about it!

Why do you have the name you have? Is there a story behind it? What are the names of your children or the names you have picked out for your future children? Why are they special? Do you have any nicknames? There’s a story there, whether you do or you don’t!

Have you ever stopped to record these stories? I have, but only twice (once for each of my girls).

Here’s Penny’s page:

Challenge 7 : What’s in a Name?

This week, we are going to focus on telling a story (or stories!) about a name. I want you to think about the ins and outs and whys and wheres of the names that are the most important to you! Then it’s time to get those stories out on paper.

Here are some ideas to get you started. I took my own name here as an example for you, to give you an idea of where I was going with this!

Your Prompts:

  • Focus on the meaning of a name, but go much further than “Nicole. It means ‘Victory of the People.” Dig up the origins of your name! Where did it come from? How did it evolve? For my daughters, I not only did that, I also dug up verse from the Bible to go along with them. I wanted to make them a keepsake.
  • What’s the story behind your name? I personally don’t have many stories behind my name, but what I have is worthy of writing down for my kids. The funniest thing was that my name was going to be Jason Anderson… until I was born! LOL!
  • Do you have a nickname? I could make several pages about this one. 1) I could talk all about how I’ve never been called “Nikki.” And after a more popular girl was called Nikki in my class in the 4th grade, I grew to be so jealous that I correct anyone who tries to call me Nikki. (That’s not me. You can however get away with calling me Nic.) 2) Because I was never “The Nikki” in school, my two best friends in high school called me “Nicolette.” 3) When I met my husband, I was posting under the pseudonym “Martie.” That came from a night of giggles with my girlfriends while watching TV. We all came up with “guy names” for ourselves. Mine was Martie. When it came time to sign up for a Christian message board with a lot of debating, I wasn’t really comfortable signing up as myself (you know, back in the whole “Protect your Privacy” days, before Facebook). So, I signed up as Martie. And then I accidentally met my future husband! 4) Because of the whole Martie fiasco and a subsequent conversation about how I never really loved my name, I thought maybe I’d start to go by my middle name, Danielle, when I moved up near Travis’ family. That did not really go well. I found out that I do in fact like my name. LOL!
  • And that brings up another angle to write about this topic: Do you even like your own name? Why or why not? Have you ever changed your name?
  • What do you know about your last name? Do you know where your family came from in generations past? I went from a very common last name to a very uncommon (and often mispronounced) last name. But I love my “new” name. It’s actually kinda interesting to me how I wasn’t born with it, but it was so easy to take on… especially after the whole “Danielle” thing I tried out about six months before I changed my last name. Ha!

As you can see, there is a LOT to write about here! I hope you will enjoy tackling this topic from several angles!

And There Are Prizes!

Each week, I will be selecting one random winner who will win a $10.00 gift card to my Sugarplum Paperie shop. If you would like to enter this challenge to win, simply follow the rules below:

1) Pick a journaling prompt from the list above. 2) Make a layout or hybrid project that relates to the topic at hand, using at least 75% Sugarplum Paperie products (either new, retired or even a freebie). 3) Come back and leave a comment with a link to your page. All entries must be posted by Saturday morning before 8:00 a.m. (EST). That’s it!

Happy journaling!

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