Hi! Tasha here (aka my2monkeys) totally excited to be bringing you the next Project Life inspiration posting.

Just to share a little about my style… I’m totally a hybrid Project Life scrapper. I love working with my digital supply stash, but I wanted to add more physical items to my album as well. Hybrid is perfect for that, plus I love being able to print my 4×6 and 3×4 cards at home and instantly put them in my album.

Speaking of albums, in the world of pocket scrapbooking there are a variety of pocket pages by several companies in a range of sizes. I love working with the standard 12×12 size, yet sometimes I feel like changing it up a bit. This week, I have been working on a little summer vacation album using the Sn@p! Pocket Pages. When I found these little beauties in my local craft store I squealed! I quickly grabbed an album and one of each pocket page style. I’m so excited to get to work creating my summer vacation album but first I need a kit or two (maybe more). When I spied the Sunshine and Good Times Collab Kit with Juliana Kneipp, I knew it would be perfect with my album.

With this first page, I’m usually not a fan of cutting a photo to use over several spots, especially if there are people in it. Yet, when I saw the photo that I took out of the side of the parking garage, I knew it would be perfect to use that way.

Project Life Inspiration with Tasha

I really love how most of the activity is in the bottom section leaving the top to look light and airy. The space just above the ocean was perfect some the word strip I found. To further give this page the look of a cut up photo, I put a white stroke around the outside edges of the photo.

The next page focuses on what we did while at the Ocean Front.

Project Life Inspiration with Tasha

At the top, I used the same background to connect the photo and journaling cards detailing the fun we had playing in the water riding the waves.

Project Life Inspiration with Tasha

Tip: To give the frame and photo a more realistic look, I gave the frame two different drop shadows. First, I gave the frame a smaller size shadow since the photo would be “closer” to the photo. With my magic selection tool, I selected a space outside the frame, before simplifying the frame layer. I then deleted the shadow from outside the frame and merged the frame and photo together before giving it a second larger drop shadow.

On the bottom, I used a photo strip to include several photos from our trip to an ice cream parlor.

Project Life Inspiration with Tasha

Finally, I included the Virginia Beach Vacation Guide booklet that my mom picked up. I slid it into a 6×8 pocket page and use a small clip to make sure it wouldn’t slide out.

Project Life Inspiration with Tasha

Well, I’ve got a LOT more photos to scrap from this summer! Stay tuned for more inspiration!

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