Project Life - Week 1 : Sugarplum Paperie

I am so happy to be beginning a new year of Project Life!

I remember feeling rather defeated with my albums at the start of 2015. But despite the fact that my “scrappin’ to do” list is even longer now, I am SUPER motivated and SUPER excited to jump in and start off the year with a bang. That’s something that I really love about Project Life. You can make a fresh start at the beginning of every new year!

Here are some things that I am looking forward to when it comes to this year’s album:

1. Taking my DSLR off the shelf.
2. Making my own digital cards (either from scratch or using digital kits).
3. Bringing in realistic embellishments to add a finishing touch.
4. Taking care of everything at home with my two printers (large format & photo).

Here’s a look at my pages for the first week of 2016:

Project Life – Week One

Despite the fact that I was pretty sick this week, I love how this spread turned out. I think the photo of my new crochet project (a blanket) and the sweet photo of Penny helped to lighten the mood a bit. It seems like we are always catching something right before Christmas or New Year’s every year… it seems like our family slogan is “It’s not the holidays unless someone is throwing up around here!” Meh.

Project Life - Week 1 : Sugarplum Paperie

I used cards from two new note card sets for this week. The heart card from the All Things New pack was printed on photo paper to help the gold glitter really shine. I like to do this because it looks so much more realistic to me! I added little “hello” label from a Project Life kit to the card to finish it off.

I added Thickers (which all their lovely puffiness) to the teal 4×6 note card from the Totally Love This pack. I also used my good ‘ol date stamp on one of the colorful cards to record the date range for this week.

You may notice that my first week includes more than seven days. I like to have a weekly spread run from Monday through Sunday to include the whole weekend. This year began on a Friday, so I just included that first weekend here. Because a few of us were sick, we didn’t really do much anyway—so it all worked out!

I also used my new Daily Note Cards to give these two pages a uniform feel. I’m not sure yet if I will change these cards up each week (using a different type of weekly card for each two-page spread), or if I will go back to using my typical dated journaling cards with some of these types of cards mixed in. I think I’d like to have a different looking set for each week… but I don’t want to overwhelm myself with having to constantly come up with something new. We’ll see as it goes as the year progresses, I guess!

Project Life - Week 1 : Sugarplum Paperie

I took a phrase from a note card from Ali Edwards Storytelling Class Kit and turned it into a stamp to use on top of the photo of Benji peeking into his piñata. That little phrase is there as shorthand… reminding us of how we spent a delightful half an hour trying to break into the side of this cardboard masterpiece. Benji just about lost heart until we noticed that we had finally started to make some progress. That’s when I got this snapshot. I love it!

I also designed a new set of Pocket Calendar Cards to use throughout the year. I did this with 4×6 cards in 2014 and I really loved it! I just wanted to improve upon it by using a smaller size for this year.

Something else I added in to my album this year is a little insert about my One Little Word:

Project Life - Week 1 : Sugarplum Paperie

I’ve really been enjoying Ali Edwards’ OLW class! I’m also taking her Storytelling with Project Life class (registration is now closed, or I would link you up). I absorbed so much in the first week alone, watching Ali discuss the ins and outs of her pages.

One thing Ali often does is mix the sizes of her inserts, which was an eye opener for me! I can see myself getting much more use out of inserts if I am not limited to one certain size every time I add extra stuff to my week. In the past, I have used either the 6×12 half page insert (which intimidates me, like a full 12×12 page) or the 6×12 page that looks like Design A. I knew I didn’t have enough story here to fill all those pockets, though—there’s 16 of them!

But I really wanted to get this photo and this story into the week! The journaling explains in part why Benji even had a piñata for his birthday this year… and why there was a set of glittery numbers on the table by our front door.

I wasn’t sure what to do. Then I remembered what I had seen in Ali’s albums… and I thought of the plethora of smaller Simple Stories pages I have leftover from all my December Daily albums!

Project Life - Week 1 : Sugarplum Paperie

Guess what? They are a PERFECT fit. I was so happy!

So, I was able to add in a card with my word on it. I was able to explain what my word means to me. I was able to use the photo I had taken of the decorations I made to celebrate the new year. And I used this great quote that I found on Ali’s blog to tie it all together.

Now all I need is a little tab for the side! Time to go shopping. Yay!


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