Get Writing : Challenge #9 : Stories You Don’t Know

Happy Saturday! It’s time once again for another challenge here on the blog! I hope you’re ready for this one today… this one is something that’s very close to my heart. When I was a kid, my life was a mess. I don’t often talk about this—because there’s too much to tell. But I lost both my parents when I was young (my mom when I was 10 and my dad when I was 16). When I was 14, my mom’s best friend stepped up to become my mother and my stepdad stayed close and over the years he stepped up to become my father. )You can see how this gets complicated when I’m talking to people about stories from my childhood. The mom and

Get Writing : Challenge #8 : Literally Life Changing

Get Writing : Challenge #8 : Literally Life Changing

Hello! Happy Saturday! I hope today finds you well and up for another challenge! Have you ever watched Parks & Recreation? I love that show. I can’t help thinking of Rob Lowe saying “Lit-rally” as I write this post today. (Please excuse me while I go over there giggle to myself for a moment…) Challenge 8 : Literally Life Changing Today’s challenge is simple and straightforward: Make a list of 10 books that have changed your life—and why. With emphasis on the why, of course! I had high hopes to have a mini album page or two to show you today, but it’s December—and my December Mini comes first! (The first few pages are over here, if you’d like to see them: december daily.) Plus,

Get Writing : Challenge #7 : What’s in a Name?

Hello! Happy Saturday! It’s time again for another writing challenge here on the blog! I was thinking to myself this week… there are a lot stories that can be told about a name! It’s very interesting when you stop to think about it! Why do you have the name you have? Is there a story behind it? What are the names of your children or the names you have picked out for your future children? Why are they special? Do you have any nicknames? There’s a story there, whether you do or you don’t! Have you ever stopped to record these stories? I have, but only twice (once for each of my girls). Here’s Penny’s page: Challenge 7 : What’s in a Name? This week,

Get Writing : Challenge #6 : A Full Plate

Hello again! I hope you are having a great (and restful!) Saturday, especially those of you who worked so hard this week to prepare for Thanksgiving this week. It’s time once again for another Get Writing Challenge on the blog. Yay! As I look over the last few weeks, I’m kinda glad to see that I am at least posting something here on the blog while I work on my next collection. Ha! I hope you all are enjoying these challenges as much as I am! Let’s get to today’s topic, shall we? This week I was thinking about having a “full plate.” Probably a lot of you were as well, with Thursday being Thanksgiving and all. And I’m sure that many of you had

Get Writing : Challenge #5 : Today

Happy Saturday! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. It’s time for another Get Writing challenge here on the blog. I hope you’ll join me for a little journaling exercise today! Grab your cameras, too. This week, we are going to be focusing in on the little things that make every day special! This week we’ll be using one little word for our inspiration: TODAY Challenge 5 : Today Think about what you would like the subject of your page to be about: you, your kids, your pet, your house, some beloved object. What do you want to record? Once you have a subject in mind, go and get a few good snapshots of it! Now, for the fun part: the journaling! First, be

Get Writing : Challenge #4 : Imperfectly Perfect

It’s time for another weekly journaling challenge here on the blog! Are you ready to get writing?! 😀 I recently was hunting through my folder of photos from this year when I found some snapshots of my kids playing on the floor together. They were blurry, like most pictures I try to take inside my home! We love where we live and we are surrounded by windows… but we are also surrounded by trees and natural light never seems to make it inside. Anyway, these snapshots were taken when my little baby guy had his first round of “Tummy Time.” I put a blanket on the floor and everyone instantly gathered round: I knew I only had a second to grab a picture before the

Get Writting : Challenge #3 : What’s in your Closet?

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! It’s Digital Scrapbooking Day today, and in honor of that, I hope you will take a little time out of your day and come scrap along with this week’s challenge! So, seeing that this is DSD Weekend, I’m guessing that you are out shopping all the sales! I hope you are having fun. I know I am! But don’t ya just hate it when you buy lots of goodies that you end up putting on your shelf and never using?! You know you like it… You know it’s cute… But you haven’t used it yet! Challenge 3 : What’s in your Closet? This week, we are going to go into the closet and get out those

Get Writing : Challenge #2 : Your Art

Hello! Happy Saturday! I’m here again with another journaling challenge for you this week! Did you know that you are an artist? Chances are that everyone who happens upon this blog is an artist of some sort or another. If you love to scrap, you are an artist! Do you think of yourself in that way? It can feel strange to embrace that statement as true… even I don’t feel that way most days, and you all know I love to design! You might say that is crazy. I guess I think in my head that I could only call myself an artist if I spent all day with a paint brush in my hand. But art is so much more than that… Challenge 2

How to Get Started in Digital Design – Part 5

Well, here we are! The grand finale! And once again, we have a “tough love” topic on our hands… How to Get Started in Digital Design – Part 5: Discipline If you want to get ahead in the digital scrapbooking world, there are some good habits you’re going to have to add to your routine, like it or not! How to Get a Gold Star Once you’ve been through the process of creating something you’re all excited about, it’s time to spread the word! Currently, there are four great ways to do this—and all of them are FREE! That’s good news, isn’t it? The part you may not be too excited about is that you really need to be covering all four bases… So, what

How to Get Started in Digital Design – Part 4

Welcome to Part 4 of a 5 part series on How to Get Started in Digital Design! Today’s post is a long and juicy one. Be sure to pull up a chair! How to Get Started in Digital Design – Part 4: Vision Vision. What do I mean when I use that one word by itself? Know Where You Want to Go Okay, okay… so you say that are a creative free spirit and not really “into” organization. Well… sorry my friend—if you want to be successful at selling your digital designs, you are going to need to do a little stretching and growing, trying out some different organizational things until you find a good system that works for you! It’s very important for you

How to Get Started in Digital Design – Part 3

Okay! Well, if I haven’t been controversial enough so far, this is the day for it! Today I will be talking about Originality in digital design. And here’s the big, mean message: If you don’t have anything original to add to the mix, don’t waste your time opening up a shop. Ouch. I’m sorry if that hurt! But it’s the plain, un-sugarcoated truth. If you don’t have a friend in your life with the guts to tell you that maybe you need to think long and hard about what you’re creating, I’m happy to be that gutsy friend for you—or better yet, help you to be your own best friend! We all need to look in the mirror and try to critique our work objectively.