Get Writing : Challenge #4 : Imperfectly Perfect

It’s time for another weekly journaling challenge here on the blog! Are you ready to get writing?! 😀 I recently was hunting through my folder of photos from this year when I found some snapshots of my kids playing on the floor together. They were blurry, like most pictures I try to take inside my home! We love where we live and we are surrounded by windows… but we are also surrounded by trees and natural light never seems to make it inside. Anyway, these snapshots were taken when my little baby guy had his first round of “Tummy Time.” I put a blanket on the floor and everyone instantly gathered round: I knew I only had a second to grab a picture before the

Get Writting : Challenge #3 : What’s in your Closet?

Hello! I hope you are having a wonderful Saturday! It’s Digital Scrapbooking Day today, and in honor of that, I hope you will take a little time out of your day and come scrap along with this week’s challenge! So, seeing that this is DSD Weekend, I’m guessing that you are out shopping all the sales! I hope you are having fun. I know I am! But don’t ya just hate it when you buy lots of goodies that you end up putting on your shelf and never using?! You know you like it… You know it’s cute… But you haven’t used it yet! Challenge 3 : What’s in your Closet? This week, we are going to go into the closet and get out those

Get Writing : Challenge #2 : Your Art

Hello! Happy Saturday! I’m here again with another journaling challenge for you this week! Did you know that you are an artist? Chances are that everyone who happens upon this blog is an artist of some sort or another. If you love to scrap, you are an artist! Do you think of yourself in that way? It can feel strange to embrace that statement as true… even I don’t feel that way most days, and you all know I love to design! You might say that is crazy. I guess I think in my head that I could only call myself an artist if I spent all day with a paint brush in my hand. But art is so much more than that… Challenge 2

The Paperclipping Digi Show

I was invited to be a part of something last week that had me feeling honored, frightened, nervous and excited—all at the same time! Steph from The Daily Digi is the host of this great podcast that’s all about digital scrapbooking and I was sent an invitation to be a part of episode 12! Past guests on the show have included Ali Edwards, C.D. Muckosky, Anna Aspnes and Liz Tamanaha… (can you see why I freaked out?!) My first thought was “Oh my gosh! Why do they want me?!” I thought for sure we’d be talking about hybrid scrapping or papercrafting (because of The Hybrid Chick)… that’s all I could think of! LOL! But it turns out, no… they just wanted me for me. Now

Announcing the Sugarplum Paperie Store!

Are you enjoying all the festivities of National Digital Scrapbooking Day? I am. And I have a big surprise to tell you about today! Announcing the Grand Opening of the Sugarplum Paperie Store: We’re still “unpacking” and setting up shop, but with today being the official “Digi-Scrapping Day” I just had to open the shop today! I thought it would be the perfect day for us to celebrate subsequent anniversaries, too. So, stop on in and take a look around! You might even find a freebie or three hiding in the attic. And speaking of freebies, I have a special one planned for today! Keep a look out for that later this afternoon… Happy scrapping!